An Elemental Expedition


The concert « An Elemental Expedition » is produced by Cheng2Duo and powered by the imagination of Normal’s visual effects. Inspired by the natural richness and beauty of Canadian landscapes, they invited composers from five regions in Canada to compose unique pieces featuring typical characteristics of their region and the natural elements found there.

Created for the Canada 150 celebrations, the concert will be presented at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa on June 22 and 23 2017. Other dates will follow. 

Cheng2Duo’s vision is expressed through a totally multi-sensory experience to share with its audience. Wanting to create a perfect alignment of emotion, music and images, they called upon Normal’s expertise for the multimedia design of “An Elemental Expedition.” In conceptualizing the set design and video content of the show, Normal shaped a communion of sound and music with the intention of presenting a visual to echo multiple nuances and sensitivity to the music. Instinct is translated on the screen so that images accompany and emphasize the music with grace and light.