Montréal en Histoires


In celebration of its 15th year anniversary, Tikehau Capital commissioned a work by multidisciplinary artist Michel Lemieux for an exceptional evening at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Produced by Montréal en Histoires, the work entitled "Chromatic, from dawn to night" is an interactive digital installation that celebrates the beauty of the Tahitian Tikehau atoll in French Polynesia.


The installation explores the chromatic richness of the wilderness of the small island lost in the middle of the ocean, by inviting spectators to be transported and interact with the images projected on the ground, as if they were walking on the open sea. 

At the very heart of the famous museum of modern and contemporary art, the images were projected on the floor of the grand hallway of the Palais de Tokyo, as well as on a surface built for the occasion to create a moment of togetherness surrounding the artwork. The installation was accompanied by a haunting soundtrack composed by the production studio Troublemakers. During the event, guests were invited to interact with the rhythm of the sea, the sand and the clouds, creating their own version of the artwork.


Our team collaborated with Michel Lemieux to produce 10 multimedia artworks that represent the island of Tikehau on a 24-hour cycle; starting from birds in flight at dawn, the foam of the morning waves, the beach in full sun at noon and finishing at the twilight of the lagoon. A specific color was given to each painting ensuring a chromatic progression: from dark blue to azure blue and night blue.