Gala Artis


Each year, the Gala Artis recognizes the best in Quebec TV with a televised awards show broadcast on TVA. Normal has positioned itself as a major player in the visual branding of televised awards programs in both Quebec and Canada thanks, in part, to collaborations with Gala Québec Cinéma, ADISQ, MuchMusic Video Awards and the Juno Awards. This year, once again, Gala Artis entrusted the expertise and creativity of the Normal Team to create a signature look for the event.

Design & production

At the 2015 Prix Gémeaux, Normal, along with Olivier Landreville and Guy Lévesque, won the award for “Decor: All variety programs, magazines, public affairs, sports”. Following that accomplishment, in 2016, Normal signed our first contract to undertake all scenography and video content for the next Gala Artis.