Ma Réserve

This work of fiction, filmed in virtual reality, is based on a story by Paul Auster. The story begins as a man awakens, disoriented, in a strange place between four walls. We are then witness to his anxiety, his sorrow and his confusion. His spirit lives elsewhere, drifting among the creatures that haunt his imagination while seeking an answer to the question that consumes him. What is he doing there, and how long will he stay? This project is the first stage of a feature film that will be filmed using a 360-degree camera, an initiative of Brigitte Poupart in collaboration with playwright Fabien Cloutier. It is possible to follow the lead character, played by Robert Morin, by being completely immersed in his universe.
Normal is acting as co-producer of the project with Transthéâtre. The photo director André Dufour has used all his creativity to push the limits of what has previously been seen and done, whether it is by using the 360-degree camera created and developed by Normal or drone-mounted cameras. We wanted him to create a rhythm, a perfect cohesion between narrative, emotion and image.