Dialogue New-Brunswick

For the Canada 150 celebrations, Normal has created the concept for a large-scale multimedia projection titled MALA to be projected on the Legislative Assembly building in Fredericton. MALA, which means “where I come from” in Micmac, depicts the history of New Brunswick in images.

To summarize the history of a province in 30 minutes is no easy task. To bring this project to life with originality, Normal had to find a way to “explain history by telling a story.” The first step was to write a scenario that would thread together different themes while lending itself to narrative. Mala is the ancestral memory of adventurers, families, historic and cultural heroes. It is an interior voice that transports us to different horizons. The accent will be not only on important events and historical figures, but also on how the respective cultures of the First Nations, anglophones, francophones and immigrants have shaped the province, It is in their memory that Normal was inspired to bring imagery to the very foundation of the identity of New Brunswick.