Odyssée musicale du jeu vidéo

Montreal Orchestra Company

As part of the Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade (MEGA), TroubleMakers invited the Montreal Orchestra Company, under the direction of Adam Johnson, to interpret the major musical video games themes with the splendor of classical music.

Each musical piece of the show depicts the theme of a famous video game like Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy XV, Assassin's Creed and many others. Normal Studio's team created a graphic interpretation of each game by selecting concrete or abstract visual elements from each games’ universe: colors, symbols, forms. It is Normal Studio team’s passion and knowledge of these video games that allowed us to give a minimal and subtle approach in the execution of the visuals. The visual content was projected onto curtains surrounding the orchestra, retaining the impression of lightness and purity of the compositions and immersing the audience in a musical and digital journey. 

The visuals of the 16 musical themes of the show included 2D and 3D particle animations, glitches and fractals. Even some visual bugs, combined unexpectedly with the musical theme, were chosen voluntarily by our team to accord an additional dramatization to the show.