Planète Énergie

Cité de l'Énergie

With Planète Énergie, Normal studio realized its first museum project. This immersive experience propels the viewer into the multifaceted world of energy, thanks to a captivating film projected on a 220 degree panoramic screen, a rotating viewing platform and the use of sensory effects. Normal also designed the exhibit’s video projections and assumed the entire technical direction of the whole experience.

During the multimedia film, the natural phenomenon of energy is explained by a virtual guide who accompanies the viewer on a fantastic journey of discovery. Equal parts teacher and storyteller, she is the voice of science, making its wonder accessible to all. Immersed in the projection, and striking, multisensory effects, the viewer connects with the wonder of energy in a friendly yet mysterious way. On the tour following the film, visitors explore new manifestations of energy, their impact on a global scale, and come to realize that energy is the source of life.


The mandate was achieved in collaboration with Siberia, who was in charge of the executive production, scenography and design of the exhibition areas, Tram Media who produced the digital media, director Raymond St-Jean, and Dpt who oversaw the interactive content.