Drawn to Life

Liaising with two iconic brands to create something totally new

Launched in Orlando, FL in November 2021, the spectacle is an acrobatic homage to animation created by Disney. Our task was to design the show’s projection system and visual content, which we did through custom animations featuring classic Disney characters. These animations and projections help integrate these iconic characters into the performance, story, and scenography.


Throughout the process, we adored being part of the show’s “animation trust,” working with Cirque creatives, Disney producers, and legacy animators on storyline, costumes, and integrating imagery and animations into live performance at a new level.

During a five year journey, including three years pre-pandemic and six months onsite before the show, we put our minds together to create a visual setting that brings characters into the show’s story – and goes beyond anything Disney has done before.

Our knowledge of other types of shows infused with our understanding of animation let us come up with different ideas and techniques to put these beloved Disney icons on stage with Cirque performers in a way that makes narrative sense: by subtly integrating them into the scenography and acrobatic acts. 

Timing is everything… 


Throughout the show, every visual cue “matches” something on stage, so timing is everything.

From acrobatics to lighting and sound, each element affects the projections (and vice versa), so we stayed in sync with all departments. It was important that our projections wouldn’t be overbearing, but rather, visually enhance acrobatic performances.

Sometimes we would craft animations around an existing scene, other times, directors would build an acrobatic sequence around an animation we wanted to feature! 

We used a customized high-tech tracking system that tracks every performer and object on stage in real-time, so we know where everything is and can interact with each element using images, lights, and projections. 

Using story and multimedia to emphasize feelings and themes, Drawn to Life’s creative process reminds us of a truth we hold dear at Normal: Sometimes simplicity can be legendary!  

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