Mötley Crüe: North America 2022 Tour

Normal was mandated to do visual design and content production for a number of songs in the show. From creating remotely to testing integrations in a Pennsylvania rehearsal studio, we delivered in just three months, very rock ‘n’ roll indeed!

Everything in Mötley Crüe’s scenic environment is an extension of who they are. Our collaboration was around the creative, developing visual content that serves this purpose. So first, we learned about the band’s music and culture to make content to support the band’s vision and resonate as an authentic visual extension of our collaboration.

Virtual lasers, new content and existing effects

When it comes to creating visual environments, stadium concerts are humongous spaces to fill. So musicality is important, especially when working with complex visuals and syncing cues to music with surgical precision.

Working with their giant set pieces, we incorporated some of the show’s existing LED and laser effects to build fresh combinations of visual elements. We recreated those lasers virtually and blended new content with the show’s other effects! We also developed lots of big light captures and content to live behind the band, with scenography and lighting fused into one visual environment.

Bold, fun, fast-paced visual content

With such an iconic band and lengthy history, dedicated fans already know what feels right and what doesn’t. We communicated back-and-forth with the band’s creative teams to nail every detail.

Using Mötley Crüe’s visual DNA, we designed a unique scenic environment for each song, including such hits as “Dr. Feelgood.” Highlights include deconstructed album covers with animated elements that feel big, bold, and aggressive; wild, creative, and fun. The band’s strong visual identity includes a retro-futuristic world they created that inspired the visual content we provided for the song “Saints of Los Angeles.”

Each song tells a different story, overall, the visuals convey a futuristic, dangerous, digital feel – always in that distinctive Mötley Crüe environment and incorporating the band’s iconography.

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