Demain matin Montréal m'attend

Théâtre du Nouveau Monde & Spectra Musique

Demain matin Montréal m’attend takes place behind the scenes of Montreal show business in the 1970s; it’s the story of Louise and Lola Lee, two sisters with a lively rivalry, each fed by a hunger to achieve stardom. This musical production, directed by René Richard Cyr, is adapted from the eponymous work created by Michel Tremblay in 1970. Through a colorful and deliciously animated spectacle, this work is always contemporary and leads us to take a critical look at the quest for celebrity with all its destructive behaviours.

Demain matin Montréal m’attend has been staged numerous times since its debut. In 2017, the play will be of the programming during the Francofolies for the first time to mark both the 375th anniversary of Montreal and the great Michel Tremblay’s 75th birthday.

This is not the first fruitful collaboration with the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde for Normal, which has been entrusted with the production’s video design. The multimedia environment created by our team is inspired by Montreal of the 70s and uses technologies of the time, such as overhead projectors and kaleidoscopes.