Beyond Van Gogh

The unlikely pairing of the digital and the classical allows the spectators to connect with the profoundly hopeful vision of a world filled with colours, compassion and emotion. Immersed in light and hues, spectators are encouraged to wander beyond the image and feel what is before their eyes. In each visitor’s unique and unspoken dialogue with Vincent lie precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Expanding Vincent’s universe to a sharable and lively 360° projection environment requires a different way of thinking, like Vincent himself. While certain paintings are presented in all their simplicity, others have been enhanced, expanded, enlarged, and juxtaposed in order to fill the space with life, texture and colours.

Beyond Van Gogh opens up the frame and allows the spectator to be fully immersed in a world larger than life where the application of the paint to the digital canvas can almost be felt.

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