Au bord du lac Tranquille

In six  immersive scenes, a countryside lake that lives four seasons in a single day (and 25 minutes). Structured according to cycles – of days, seasons, and life itself, the concept explores themes of winter, nature, and Quebec’s aquatic flora and fauna.  

Downtown square by day, immersive countryside lake by night  


Your icy adventure begins on a crisp winter morning. Whooshes of wind and crackles of fire are reminiscent of a campfire or fireplace in a country chalet. The experience uses interactivity to reflect the impact of humans on nature. For example, as you skate, your blades (and those of the skater in front of you) trace luminous lines on the ice surface. Fish, turtles, and whales frolic under your feet, and when you approach the fish, they scatter as if aware of your presence.  

Other highlights include spring and summer scenes with bright sunlight and cracking ice, magic hour, and a stunning interactive effect that connects you to other skaters through bioluminescent star constellations – suggesting we’re all in the same backyard. The summer climax feels like party time with disco lights, glow-in-the-dark fishies, and colourful clouds. Then arrives the dark wind and you’re back in that winter morning where we started. The cycle begins again… 

The experience reminds us how Mother Nature connects us all and is more powerful and mysterious than we realize 

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