La Traviata

The Icelandic Opera

La Traviata, by Giuseppe Verdi, tells the story of the pure and sublime love of Violetta, a dying Parisian courtesan, and Alfredo, her admirer and son of a good provincial family, who attempt to live their love in freedom. Unfortunately, their love is tainted by the constraints of society and the inevitability of an illness caused by overindulgence. This lyrical masterpiece is famous for its’ romantic pieces "Brindisi" and "Semper Libera", which are hymns to passion.

Inspired by the Parisian Belle Epoque and infused with the sensuality of Art Nouveau, this contemporary work of La Traviata was presented in March 2019 at the Icelandic Opera. This original production was led by the musical director of the Opera, Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason and stage director Oriol Tomas. Both have established a unique collaboration between a team of Montreal designers and the troupe, choir and orchestra of the Iceland Opera.

Our visual designer Félix Fradet-Faguy fully covered, with video projection, the impressive organic decor of over 30 feet high. Playing with dimensions and perceptions, the projections alter the nature of the setting, sometimes subtle and integrated with the lighting, or subversively to enhance the emotion of a scene. Inspired by the Belle Époque, the visual treatment remains contemporary and bathes each act and its’ themes in a unique visual atmosphere, which in turn intensifies the colours and the fervour of the music. The matte décor transforms into a mirror and magnifies Violetta's inner conflicts with greenscreen shots embedded in visuals.