En direct de l'Univers

Attraction Images

A must-see for Quebec television

A musical performance loaded with emotion and energy ! Normal Studio designed a colorful and brilliant visual signature for the show En direct de l’Univers. The host France Beaudoin welcomes each week a celebrity whom we further discover through his favorite songs.

A true production marathon 

Our team has developed a sleek and graphic visual signature where colors and shapes emphasize the rhythm and mood of each song, through the use of LED screens. The video textures specific to each musical piece fuels emotions and increases energy. A true production marathon, Normal Studio team created an average of 30 visuals per week in less than 5 days for the 22 shows that make up the season.

A TV expertise

Attraction Media mandated Normal Studio to envision an artistic direction and update the show's set design. The studio is a key player in the visual design of many television shows in Quebec and Canada, such as La Voix, Star Académie, ADISQ gala, ARTIS gala, Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois, Just for Laughs, the Juno Awards and the Much Music Video Awards.